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Shabbat Shalom! Jewish Children's Songs For Sabbath At Home
Song List:
  1. Shabbat Shalom (Rick Recht)
  2. Shabbat Shabbat (Judy Farber)
  3. The Challah
  4. What Do You Like About Shabbat? (Ditza)
  5. We Sing Shabbat, We Sing Shalom (Peter and Ellen Allard)
  6. Always Room For More (Fran Avni)
  7. With My Family (Kol B'seder)
  8. Blessing Before Giving Tzedakah
  9. Candlelighting Blessing
  10. Blessing For A Boy
  11. Blessing For A Girl
  12. Ruach Elohim (Lisa and Lynn)
  13. Blessing For Wine Or Grape Juice
  14. Blessing Over Bread
  15. Tot Birkat Hamazon (Judy Caplan Ginsburgh)
  16. Ki Eshmera Shabbat (Sue Epstein)

Shabbat Shalom is an excellent choice for setting the mood for a Shabbat celebration. Child-friendly tunes often sung with a youth chorus will encourage children to sing along. These songs will become a delightful weekly tradition in any Jewish family!

Lori's Description

Shine Little Candles: Chanukah Songs for Children

By Rachel Buchman
Song List:
  1. Nu in the Middle
  2. Chanukah Greetings
  3. Gut Yontef Aych, Kinder
  4. B'rachot
  5. Ha Neyrot Halalu Anu Madlikin
  6. Ma'oz Tsur
  7. Ocho Diyas Di Felisita
  8. Who Fought Antiochus?
  9. Hayo Haya Melech Rasha
  10. Counting in Ladino
  11. Ocho Kandelikas
  12. Ani Ner Rishon
  13. What the Candles Say
  14. Banu Choshech I'garesh
  15. What's a Dreydl?
  16. I Had a Little Dreydl
  17. Dreydls That Wouldn't Stop/Drey Zich, Dreydele/Turn Around, Little Drey
  18. Freylech Vinter-Lid
  19. Sheleg Al Ha'Aretz
  20. Lomir Ale Geyn Tantsn!
  21. Chanike, Oy Chanike!
  22. Festival of Lights
  23. Shine Little Candles
  24. Nu in the Middle (reprise)

Rachel Buchman's Shine Little Candles: Chanukah Songs for Children gathers 25 traditional Chanukah songs sung in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino. From well-known tunes like "I Had a Little Dreydl" and "Festival of Lights" to traditional fare such as "Chanike, Oy Chanike!," "B'rachot," and "Ocho Kandelikas," the album is a diverse, delightful Chanukah celebration. Fiddler Ferenc Illyeni, accordionist Terry Cavanagh, and a chorus of children and friends add extra warmth to this singable, danceable collection.

Description from All Music Guide

Really REALLY enjoyed this CD! Nice mix of English, Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew - all with transliterations as well as verses in English. Melodies are fun and singable, all very different and nicely put together so you get a nice "flow" as you listen to the whole thing. Buchman's instrumentation is simple, mostly nylon-strung guitar and some violin and accordion and bells, but have an intimate cozy feel to them. Use of children's voices is just right. Dreydl songs, latke songs, party songs, and the story of Chanukah all rolled into one CD. Bonus: you can sing along with the candle blessings on track 4 if you don't know them well yourself. If you only get one Chanukah CD for your kids (or you), this should be it!

Description from Customer Review

Audio cassette Also Available

Jewish Holiday Songs for Children

By Rachel Buchman
Song List:
  1. Shalom, Shalom
  2. Tapuchim Ud'vash (Apples and Honey)
  3. I Can Bake a Honey Cake
  4. Let's Be Friends
  5. Al Take! (Let's Not Fight!)
  6. Sukkah! A Sukkah!
  7. Great Big Stars
  8. Degel Tov (Will You Be My Flag?)
  9. Drey Zich, Dreydele (Turn Around, Little Dreydl)
  10. My Candles
  11. Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu (Kach Holchim Hashotlim) (Here Come the Planters
  12. Rash Ra'ashan! (Make Noise, Noise Maker!) /Purim Is Today
  13. Hop! Mayne Homentashen
  14. Make a Matzah
  15. Where Is Baby Moses?
  16. Chad Gadya (One Kid)
  17. Eliahu Hanavi (Elijah the Prophet)
  18. Michalke
  19. Simi Yadeych B'yadi (Put Your Hand in Mine)
  20. I Have Pajamas
  21. Esh, Esh (Fire, Fire)
  22. Spring Parade
  23. Little Torah
  24. Shalom, Shalom

Rachel Buchman is a remarkably warm and engaging vocalist. Not only does she sing songs in Yiddish and English but she also has a wonderful way of explaining their meaning and the holidays they deal with. Buchman even includes dances and games to keep the interest level high. Finally, children help in the sing-alongs, hooking listeners quickly to the tape's themes and ideas.

Description from Parents Choice

Rachel Buchman's Jewish Holiday Songs for Children is exactly what it says it is: 24 songs that cover both traditional and modern-day compositions designed for Jewish children. The gentle nature of Buchman's performances makes the music quite fun, especially with so many words that kids may have problems pronouncing. Her obvious care and dedication make this a good album for children, and one that will not easily get on parents' nerves.

Description from All Music Guide

Audio cassette Also Available

Chanukah Favorites

By Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
Song List:
  1. Chanukah Song
  2. 1-2-3-4-5 Brave Maccabees
  3. S'veevon
  4. I'm A Little Dreydl
  5. I Have A Little Dredyl
  6. Avee Hidleek
  7. Oh, If I Were A Dredyl
  8. One Little Candle Fire
  9. Rock of Ages
  10. Chanukah
  11. Who Can Retell?
  12. Chag Sameach
  13. Blessings
  14. Haneyrot Halalu
  15. O Chanukah
  16. One Little Candle
  17. Ner Li
  18. Candles Burning
  19. Burn Little Candles
  20. These Chanukah Lights of Mine
  21. Mee Zeh Hidleek

Chanukah Favorites, by award-winning Jewish performer, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, contains essential traditional Chanukah melodies and new Chanukah songs which will delight Jewish families and make a welcome addition to their joyous celebrations of Chanukah. Chanukah Favorites has been awarded the Parents Choice Seal of Approval and is not only entertaining, but educational as well. Songs are sung in Hebrew and English and all lyrics and translations and a vocabulary guide are included. Chanukah Favorites is a must for any Jewish home and a gold mine for anyone who wants to learn more about the holiday of Chanukah.

Album Description

Ms. Ginsburgh's voice is clear and strong, and her enthusiasm and commitment is contagious......This recording is a splendid resource for intimate family parties or larger ideal asset for enjoyment by family members of all generations.

Description from Big Apple Parents Paper

Judy's festive collection of Chanukah songs features traditional selections as well as catchy, innovative lyrics set to familiar melodies to make appealing new numbers.

Description from Booklist

Amazing Songs for Amazing Jewish Kids

By Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
Song List:
  1. Shabbat Shalom
  2. Hello, You Are Beautiful
  3. Shabbat is Coming
  4. Tzedakah
  5. Sing A Song About A Rainbow
  6. Things in Nature
  7. Derech Eretz
  8. Amazing Kids
  9. In My Sukkah
  10. Lulav Shake
  11. S'vivon Round
  12. Tree Song
  13. Let's Plant A Tree
  14. Nosh, Nosh a Hamantash
  15. Yom Ha'atzmaut
  16. Shema Lullaby

Amazing Songs For Amazing Jewish Kids contains terrific songs for Jewish families that teach Hebrew, holidays and values. This is the newest release from multi-award winning singer, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh. The disc contains some much sought after songs such as Steve Dropkin's "Lulav Shake", Dean Friedman's "In My Sukkah" and Josh Miller's "Tree Song" and many original songs by Judy. Comes with all lyrics, songs are mostly in English and will be enjoyed by every member of your family.

Album Description

My Jewish World

By Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
Song List:
  1. Wake Up Shema
  2. G-d Made All Living Things/Modeh Ani
  3. Boker Tov Means Good Morning
  4. Thanks G-d!
  5. Shalom, Shalom
  6. My Body is Part of Me
  7. Days of the Week
  8. Dance of the Months
  9. Four Seasons
  10. I See A Mezuzah
  11. The Torah
  12. S'licha, Todah, B'vakasha
  13. One Balloon, Two Balloons
  14. A Line Needs A Leader
  15. Rub-a-dub-dub
  16. B'tei-avon
  17. Tot Birkat Hamazon
  18. Colors in My World
  19. Opposite Blues
  20. Tzedakah
  21. Share, Share, Share
  22. I'm So Mad
  23. Z'man Lishon
  24. Be A Mensch
  25. Shalom Chaverim

My Jewish World contains 25 new songs for daily Jewish learning. The songs follow a typical preschool day beginning with an upbeat "Wake Up Shema" and ending with "Shalom Chaverim" in time to go home. In between are fun, interactive songs in a variety of musical styles that help children learn about basic preschool skills (colors, counting, getting in line, sharing, etc.) and Jewish values (being a mensch, Tzedakah, the mezuzah, the Torah, etc.)

All songs are sung by multi-award winning singer and early childhood music specialist, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh with instrumentals by Josh Nelson. Cd is sold separately or included with a complete curriculum book with music, lyrics, ideas and activities for each song.

Album Description

Boker Tov (PLay Songs for Day) / Laila Tov (Quiet Songs for Night)

By Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
Song List:
  1. Good Morning Boker Tov
  2. Rise and Shine
  3. Kum Bachur Atzeyl
  4. Bim Bam/Shabbat Shalom
  5. David Melech Yisrael
  6. Dayenu
  7. Hokey Pokey
  8. Zum Gali Gali
  9. A Rum Sum Sum
  10. Y'mina/Simi Yadech
  11. Days Pass & Years Go By
  12. Chiribim
  13. Keshet
  14. Tumbalalaika
  15. Lots of Love
  16. Shalom Rav
  17. Laila Tov Song
  18. Shabbos Zoll Zein
  19. Good Night Laila Tov

Boker Tov/Laila Tov contains favorite Hebrew, English and Yiddish songs in a unique format. Activity songs for Day are at the beginning and the CD ends with Quiet Songs for Night. This recording is produced and sung by multi-award winning singer/educator, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh. It is currently being sold by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations as part of a package for new Jewish parents. Boker Tov/Laila Tov is a great first recording for a Jewish child.

Album Description

Shalom Yeladim / Hello Children

By Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
Song List:
  1. Good Morning Boker Tov
  2. Bim Bam/Sim Shalom
  3. Zum Gali Gali
  4. Keshet
  5. Hine Ma Tov
  6. David Melech Yisrael
  7. On Shabbat
  8. Candle Blessing
  9. Kiddush
  10. Hamotzi
  11. Shehecheyanu
  12. Lecha Dodi
  13. Shavua Tov
  14. Tapuchim Ud'vash
  15. L'Shanah Tovah
  16. Shanah Tovah
  17. Lo Yisa Goi
  18. Perot
  19. Torah Tzeevah Lanu Moshe
  20. S'vivon
  21. Chanukah
  22. I have A Little Dredyl
  23. Atse Zetim Omdim
  24. Chag Purim
  25. Ani Purim
  26. Mishenichnas Adar
  27. Mah Nishtanah
  28. Dayenu
  29. L'shanah Haba-ah
  30. Am Yisrael Chai
  31. Dundai
  32. Shalom Chaverim

Shalom Yeladim/Hello Children has become a classic with Jewish families everywhere. First released in 1982 by multi-award winning children's performer, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, Shalom Yeladim is considered the ultimate Jewish children's recording. It has been praised not only for its amazing content, but for its presentation and clarity as well. Shalom Yeladim contains all of the essential Jewish pre-school song favorites which have been sung for generations by Jewish children. It has been called the Jewish pre-school "Top 40" and has won a Mazel Tov award for best Jewish childrens tape and a Parents' Choice Silver Honor. It was also listed in Moment Magazine as one of the Top Ten Jewish children's recordings and has been called "The Best Jewish Children's Recording of the Decade!" Lyrics and translations to all songs are included.

Album Description

Havdalah Pajama Live

By Judy Caplan Ginsburgh and David Marler
Song List:
  1. Birkat Havdalah
  2. Shavua Tov
  3. Sing Along Song
  4. Being Jewish is Fun
  5. Bayom Hahu
  6. Thank you, G-d
  7. Wherever You Go
  8. Body Rock
  9. Soup Song
  10. Yaakov
  11. Amazing Kids
  12. Lullaby

  • Parent's Choice Silver Honor

Take your shoes off, loosen your tie, and prepare to enter the world of Israeli dance and prayer. Judy Caplan Ginsburgh combines traditional Hebrew prayer with contemporary Jewish songs in this performance recorded live. The mixture gets your foot tapping and your body swaying. Ginsburgh's melodic boice and original compositions makes for easy listening. This recording would be a delightful addition for libraries serving Jewish populations.

Description from School Library Journal

Havdalah Pajama is a recording of a participatory family concert by the same name.

Album Description

Audio cassette Also Available

Sing Shalom: Songs for the Jewish Holidays

By Peter & Ellen Allard

  • 1998 Parents' Choice Recommended Album

Song List:
  1. Tot Shabbat
  2. L'shanah Tovah
  3. I Offer My Prayer To You
  4. We Sing Shabbat, We Sing Shalom
  5. The Roof Of Our Sukkah
  6. Thank You
  7. One By One
  8. Judah Maccabee, The Hammer
  9. The 15th Of Shevat
  10. Sukkat Shalom
  11. Purim Parade
  12. Lotsa, Lotsa Matzah
  13. There Are Ten
  14. Lailah Tov

Professional children's music performers, Ellen and Peter Allard, have created this amazing 1998 Parents' Choice Recommended recording of 14 original, memorable, and fun songs that teach basic concepts of the Jewish holidays. English lyrics with some Hebrew phrases are meant to inspire prayer, study, and most importantly, family singing! You will be captivated by: Tot Shabbat, We Sing Shabbat-We Sing Shalom, The Roof Of Our Sukkah, Judah Maccabee The Hammer, The 15th of Shevat, Lotsa Lotsa Matzah, There Are Ten, Lailah Tov ... and More!

Album Description

Sing Shalom will be a great addition to your music library, especially if you have preschoolers.

Description from Jewish Family & Life

Perky holiday songs will keep the young ones humming and clapping with Peter and Ellen.

Description from Jewish Family Times

A Child's Hanukkah

By Music for Little People With The Jewish Wedding Band
Song List:
  1. Hey! It's Hanukkah
  2. [Dialogue]
  3. Blessing
  4. [Dialogue]
  5. I Have a Little Driedl
  6. Variations on a Hanukkah Tune
  7. Hanukkah at Home
  8. Hanukkah Fraylach
  9. [Dialogue]
  10. Hanukkah Hop
  11. [Dialogue]
  12. Hanukkah Waltz
  13. [Dialogue]
  14. Hanukkah O Hanukkah
  15. In the Darkest Days
  16. [Dialogue]
  17. Ochos Kandelikas
  18. G-d Rest Ye, Jerry Mandelbaum
  19. [Dialogue]
  20. We've Got a Lotta Latkes
  21. Dance of the Leftover Latkes
  22. Sh'monat Y'May
  23. [Dialogue]
  24. In the Window
  25. [Dialogue]
  26. Low She Lies
  27. [Dialogue]
  28. Hanukkah Remembered

A lesson in the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, with music to spare. Festive and engaging, though klezmer music is one of those either/or propositions. If you like it, it's great fun. If not, it's punishment.

Description from All Music Guide

Holiday albums can be tedious, sappy affairs--drenched in good intentions but sappy nonetheless. Not so, this release from the consistent Music for Little People label. It may be short on old standards, but that's only because there's a lack of English-language Hanukkah standards to begin with. A Child's Hanukkah makes the case for a number of original tunes, and while not all will make the canon, they're consistently entertaining enough for a quality listen. Klezmer is the musical bed here, coupled with joyous clarinet and tambourine fills, supplemented with songs like "The Hanukkah Hop" (a variation on the bunny hop), "We've Got a Lot of Latkes" (followed by "Dance of the Leftover Latkes"), and "G-d Rest Ye, Jerry Mandlebaum." Held together by dialogue--a family celebrating the holiday together, with plenty of lessons delivered along the way--this is a great addition to any child's Hanukkah.

Description from

Audio cassette Also Available

Lights & Laughter: Joel ben Izzy Spins Hanukkah Tales
In this CD, award-winning travelling storyteller Joel ben Izzy recounts eight tales for the festival of light with his trademark warmth and humor. You'll hear his wild rendition of the story of Hanukkah, the story of Luck vs. Wisdom and tales of Hanukkah in Chelm, the mythical Jewish village of fools.

The stories on this CD, recorded before a live audience, are woven together with music by The Kings of Klezmer, playing Klezmer versions of classical Hanukkah tunes.

Because Joel tells all about the holiday, these stories are accessible to all, young or old, Jewish or not. These are stories you'll be listening to and retelling, long after the candles burn down.

Description from Publisher

Lights and Laughter is Joel ben Izzy at his best. He spins tales that will delight both adults and children. His latke version of Stone Soup made our whole family giggle. Watching the dawning realization on the faces of our 4 & 7 year old (Hey! I know this story), made the whole listening experience that much more enjoyable.

We have given this tape as a gift to households with young children as well as to households with no little ones present. All who have received it have enjoyed the stories as well as the storyteller's sharing of his personal travails as a storyteller who lost his voice (and lucky for all of us, got it back).

Description from Customer Review

Joel ben Izzy's stories have delighted our family for years and his newest collection -- just in time for Hanukkah -- is one of his best. We listen to Joel's stories in the car on the way to school. Each story is wonderfully crafted, and skillfully told with Klezmer music to set the tone. These are stories that entertain and inspire young minds and minds that aren't so young. And best of all, the stories contain folk wisdom that help all of us get through the day.

Description from Customer Review

Candles Long Ago

By Sharon, Lois & Bram
Song List:
  1. Candles Long Ago
  2. I'm a Little Latke
  3. Dreydl, Dreydl
  4. Oy Chanukah
  5. Chirri Bim
  6. Winter Sweet: Overture/Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies/Waltz of the FL
  7. Tzena, Tzena
  8. Don't Bring an Elephant (To a Family Meal)
  9. Old King Cole/Der Rebbe Elimelech
  10. Oy Vey
  11. Candles Long Ago (Reprise)

Nickleodeon TV stars Sharon, Lois, & Bram sing children's songs about Chanukah to explain the festival of lights in words and song.

Album Description

My Jewish Discovery

By Craig N' Co.
Song List:
  1. Boker Tov
  2. Big Trip
  3. Deli-Lightful
  4. Shabababat Shalon
  5. Questions
  6. Time
  7. Holi-Daze
  8. Heroes
  9. Just One Day
  10. Laila Tov

I was pleasantly surprised and utterly delighted with this new find! My Jewish Discovery was everything I WASN'T expecting!!! Designed with children and youth in mind, this 37 year old was totally caught up in what it had to offer! The music (which ranges from country-rock, to rap, to standing-on-the street corner-clicking-your-fingers-while-singing-harmony-with-the-guys, to today's rock, to ballad, to kick-your-heels-up-hora) will charm the socks off youngsters and oldsters alike! Each song has a great beat, and the lyrics (silly or otherwise) will bring answers to simple questions a Jewish child might ask (such as, "Why are there one three FOREfathers?) But more importantly, it will create (or recreate) in the heart of a child (or adult!) a love for the world at large, as well as a deep appreciation for his/her roots. My recommendation? Go for it! My Jewish Discovery will simply have you and yours delighted!!!

Description from All Star Review

Craig and Co.'s CD, My Jewish Discovery delights us every time we listen to it. I have worn out and scratched my original copy and am ordering another. My second grader likes it and my fifth grader loves it. The music is not traditional songs you know, but new songs, each in a different musical style, from zydeco to rock to rap. My only criticism is a track or two of talking by a famous Yiddish actor. It's okay once, but we don't need to listen to it over and over. The Chanukah rap song, "Go Judah" is our absolute favorite.

Description from Customer Review

My Newish Jewish Discovery

By Craig N' Co.
Song List:
  1. One World
  2. Four Corners
  3. Family Tree
  4. If Wishes Could Come True
  5. Candle in the Middle
  6. If Only
  7. Fixing up the World
  8. That's What Love's About
  9. My Mother Called Me a Name
  10. Shigaon
  11. Piece of the Dream
  12. Hello G-d
  13. Hand in Hand

We made this recording to celebrate the joy of Jewish music, culture and community values with you. My Newish Jewish Discovery will teach you, stretch your imagination and fill your heart with song. We hope that when you listen, you will think about the words you hear, act on the ideas you have and begin to make a difference in the community around you.

Album Description

In my humble opinion, this second audio CD didn't quite match the magnificence of the first, but it came awfully close, and my CD collection would not be complete without it! Just as My Jewish Discovery used a variety of music styles to bring music into the heart of a child (and adult!), so too does My Newish Jewish Discovery! Get ready to jump up, grab a child, and dance! Get ready to almost weep when you hear a tiny child sing, "That's What Love's About..." Get ready to feel love for our Creator and the beautiful life He's blessed us with... And get ready to feel proud of your heritage, no matter what religion you might be!

Description from All Star Review

Chanukah at Home
Song List:
  1. Chanukah, Oh Chanukah
  2. Kindle a Candle of Light
  3. Chanukah Blessing
  4. Khanekah
  5. Chanukah at Home
  6. Chag Yafe
  7. Family Time
  8. Dreydl Song
  9. Rock of Ages (Maoz Tsur)
  10. Mi Yemaleil
  11. Ner Li
  12. Sevivon
  13. Together
  14. Eight Candles

A joyful celebration in song, it features some of the West Coast's top children's performers. The combination of traditional Jewish and Yiddish material with many new songs yields an album that is fun and instructional for kids of all ages.

Description from All Music Guide

I miss Raffi and other tapes we used to listen to when my son was younger, but I still get to hear this one for a month or two every year. The music is fun, positive, and well-done. And now that I study Hebrew, I enjoy it even more. A real treasure!

Description from Customer Review

Audio cassette Also Available

Hebrew in Song

By Ronit Ben-Arie & Sharon Alcalay
Song List:
  1. Amen V'amen
  2. Shana Tova
  3. Yerushalayim
  4. B'yachad Im Yisrael
  5. Shabbat Hamalka
  6. Birkat Shalom
  7. Shir Hahoraot
  8. Bakita Sheli
  9. Arba'at Haminim
  10. Chagiga Bagan
  11. Shir Ha'etz
  12. Shir Haperot
  13. Ma Basalat?
  14. Stav
  15. Choref
  16. Bigday Choref
  17. Aviv
  18. Bakayitz
  19. Tzva-im Li
  20. Kos Kiddush
  21. Zman Lishon

Hebrew in Song is a collection of 21 original songs composed by Ronit Ben-Arie; a teacher, composer and arts therapist, who specializes in teaching Hebrew through the arts . These songs are in Hebrew and English and introduce children to simple Hebrew words and phrases as a way to teach Hebrew vocabulary and grammar as well as provide information about Jewish celebrations and customs and the Jewish year. "Hebrew in Song" can be used to generate activities in movement, drama, educational games and art projects. The songs relate directly to topics from the child's life. Topics include Shabbat and holidays, custom greetings and activity directions, fruit, vegetables, colors, seasons, clothing and objects. The songs were written to be used in class, at home and at community celebrations.

The CD features 21 songs at highest quality of recording, highly professional vocals and a variety of mostly live instruments orchestrated together. A 12-page booklet is included with the CD. The booklet contains the lyrics of the songs in Hebrew and transliteration in English.

Album Description

Searching for a fun way to teach Hebrew in the classroom and at home to young families? We have just what you're looking for, as we proudly introduce educator, composer, songwriter and Expressive Arts Therapist Ronit Ben-Arie and her playful new recording and songbook. A charismatic collection of 21 original children's songs especially designed to familiarize young people with the Jewish holidays and basic vocabulary words teaching about "…fruit, vegetables, colors, seasons, winter clothing and objects." The music comes to life with the beautiful vocal interpretations of Sharon Alcalay Leibovici, Lisa Segal, and Shelly Orbach. Songbook complete with Teacher's Guide including sheet music, transliteration of the lyrics, Hebrew text, as well as a dictionary of key words. Suggested educational activities also enclosed. Liven up the classroom with Bakita Sheli, Chagiga Bagan, Ma Basalat, Amen V'amen, B'yachad Im Yisrael, Yerushalayim, Kos Kiddush, and many more!

Shirim Al Galgalim: Songs on Wheels

By Debbie Friedman
Song List:
  1. Shirim Al Galgalim: Songs on Wheels
  2. Shabbat Shalom Blessings
  3. Shana Tovah for Rosh Hashanah
  4. What's Inside the Sukkah
  5. Light a Candle for Hanukkah
  6. Haleluhu
  7. Plant a Tree for Tu B'shevat
  8. Lailah Tov, Good Night
  9. Purim Ball
  10. Blessing for the Ones You Love
  11. Pass Over the Water for Passover
  12. Happy Birthday for Yom Ha-Atzmaut

Debbie's children's recording of 12 original and fun holiday songs for people of all ages, produced by Sounds Write in conjunction with Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, to beautifully enhance their "Training Wheels: Cycling Through the Jewish Year With Hadassah" curriculum. Recording includes: the theme song Shirim Al Galgalim, L'shanah Tovah for Rosh Hashanah, Light A Candle For Hanukkah, Haleluhu, The Purim Ball, A Blessing For The Ones You Love...and More!

Product Description

Audio cassette Also Available

Shanah Tovah

By Debbie Friedman
Song List:
  1. Shanah Tovah: A Good Year
  2. These Are The Days (Of Awe)
  3. A Day Called Yom Kippur
  4. This Is What We Need To Build A Sukkah
  5. When We March On Simchat Torah
  6. The Dreidel Song
  7. Light The Menorah
  8. The Tu Bishvat Song
  9. Purim Game
  10. Mah Nishtanah
  11. Seder Table
  12. I Am The Afikomen
  13. The 613 Commandments

Cycle through the Jewish year with Debbie in this fun loving Parents' Choice Approved children's recording of 13 original English songs. Hebrew words and symbols appropriate to the holidays are introduced in Debbie's entertaining style, with catchy easy to learn melodies. Music and lyrics for all songs (except the Tu Bishvat Song and The 613 Commandments) were originally created for HOME START, published by Behrman House Inc. You will love: These Are The Days, A Day Called Yom Kippur, This Is What We Need To Build A Sukkah, I Am The Afikomen, Purim Game, Seder Table...and More!

Album Description

If the children in your Sunday school are not showing the excitement you had hoped with the holiday songs it is because they are tired of the same dreidel, dreidel, songs etc. Debbie Friedman in the compact disk " Shanah Tovah.A Good Year,Songs for Jewish Holidays" does it all. There are 13 songs that will absolutely delight you as an adult. The children will love them.The children will all pick a different song as their all time favorite. By far the best new childrens holiday songs I have EVER heard.

Description from Customer Review

In The Beginning
(3-CD Set)

By Debbie Friedman
Song List: Disc 1
  1. Sing Unto G-d: Sing Unto G-d
  2. Sing Unto G-d: L'cha Dodi
  3. Sing Unto G-d: Bar'chu
  4. Sing Unto G-d: Sh'ma/V'ahavta
  5. Sing Unto G-d: Mi Chamocha
  6. Sing Unto G-d: Sim Shalom
  7. Sing Unto G-d: May The Words
  8. Sing Unto G-d: Yism'chu
  9. Sing Unto G-d: Let Us Adore
  10. Sing Unto G-d: Bayom Hahu
  11. Sing Unto G-d: The Kaddish
  12. Sing Unto G-d: Sing Unto G-d
  13. Not By Might-Not By Power: Not By Might-Not By Power
  14. Not By Might-Not By Power: Al Hanism
  15. Not By Might-Not By Power: Neis Gadol
  16. Not By Might-Not By Power: L'dor Vador
  17. Not By Might-Not By Power: S'u Sh'arim
  18. Not By Might-Not By Power: L'cha Adon-i
  19. Not By Might-Not By Power: Hodo Al Eretz
  20. Not By Might-Not By Power: Eitz Chayim
  21. Not By Might-Not By Power: Maoz Tzur
  22. Not By Might-Not By Power: Mi Y'maleil
  23. Not By Might-Not By Power: Joy Cometh In The Morning
  24. Not By Might-Not By Power: Not By Might-Not By Power

Song List: Disc 2
  1. Anima-Amin: Im Tirtzu
  2. Anima-Amin: Eiliyahu
  3. Anima-Amin: Ani Y'sheina
  4. Anima-Amin: Dodi Tzach
  5. Anima-Amin: Eit Dodim
  6. Anima-Amin: Dodi Li
  7. Anima-Amin: Arise My Love
  8. Anima-Amin: V'sham'ru
  9. Anima-Amin: Ahavat Olam
  10. Anima-Amin: Mi Chamocha
  11. Anima-Amin: Aleinu
  12. Anima-Amin: Laugh At All My Dreams
  13. Anima-Amin: Anima-Amin
  14. If Not Now, When?: Bar'chu
  15. If Not Now, When?: May The Words
  16. If Not Now, When?: Y'varech'cha
  17. If Not Now, When?: Shir Hama-Alot
  18. If Not Now, When?: V'eirastich Li
  19. If Not Now, When?: Wedding Vows
  20. If Not Now, When?: Kumi Lach
  21. If Not Now, When?: Ufaratz'ta
  22. If Not Now, When?: Im Ein Ani Li
  23. If Not Now, When?: Free Association
  24. If Not Now, When?: You'll Never Catch The Wind

Song List: Disc 3
  1. And The Youth Shall See Visions: And The Youth Shall See Visions
  2. And The Youth Shall See Visions: B'tzeit Yisraeil
  3. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Shehecheyanu
  4. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Bar'chu
  5. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Sh'ma/You Shall Love
  6. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Mi Chamocha
  7. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Hodu
  8. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Ein Kamocha
  9. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Eitz/Hashiveinu
  10. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Adoration
  11. And The Youth Shall See Visions: Oseh Shalom
  12. And The Youth Shall See Visions: And The Youth Shall See Visions

A three CD set of Debbie's first five recordings including SING UNTO G-D, NOT BY MIGHT, ANI MA-AMIN, IF NOT NOW WHEN and AND THE YOUTH SHALL SEE VISIONS. Digitally edited to improve the sound quality of the original analog masters, while keeping the contents identical to the five cassettes described below. Complete liner notes for all recordings included. Treat yourself or your friends to a treasure that accurately captures Debbie Friedman, In the Beginning.

Album Description

Miracles & Wonders

By Debbie Friedman
Song List:
  1. A Chanukah Musical: Miracles Aren't Just Magic
  2. A Chanukah Musical: Antiochuis Epiphanes
  3. A Chanukah Musical: One More Day Of Oil
  4. A Chanukah Musical: Not By Might-Not By Power
  5. A Chanukah Musical: Light The Menorah
  6. A Chanukah Musical: The Dreidel Song
  7. A Chanukah Musical: The Latke Song
  8. A Chanukah Musical: The Light Of Hope
  9. A Purim Musical: Vashti's Song
  10. A Purim Musical: Achashveirosh's Song
  11. A Purim Musical: Haman's Song
  12. A Purim Musical: Mordechai's Song
  13. A Purim Musical: Esther's Song
  14. A Purim Musical: Sing A Song Of Freedom

Debbie's well loved Chanukah and Purim musicals for children of all ages. The 8 Chanukah songs and 6 Purim songs use Debbie's tremendous wit and humor to tell the holiday stories. For use in the classroom or just for fun, these plays will bring smiles to your faces and pleasure to your hearts. Favorites include: Miracles Aren't Just Magic, One More Day Of Oil, The Dreidel Song, Vashti's Song, Haman's Song, Sing A Song Of Freedom...and More!

Album Description

You Shall Be a Blessing

By Debbie Friedman
Song List:
  1. B'ruchot Habaot
  2. Eloha!
  3. Mi Chamocha
  4. Nasim Shalom
  5. Miriam's Song
  6. L'chi Lach
  7. V'sham'ru
  8. B'tzeit Yisraeil
  9. Mi Shebeirach
  10. Kadish D'rabanan
  11. Holy Place
  12. T'filat Haderech

This is a collection of Debbie Friedman's which is now over a decade old (originally released in 1989) and most of the songs on this CD are available on others. As is the case with many of her collections, a featured song is Mi Shebeirach. This is a song that particularly appeals to those in need of healing, physical or spiritual, and it can bring a lump to the throat. Other tracks include prayers tastefully set to contemporay arrangements such as Mi Chamocha. This CD is strong evidence that folk, soft rock and other contemporary genres can be a powerful vehicle to spirituality. If you ever have a chance to see Debbie in person, her live rendition of Mi Shebeirach, with audience participation, is very powerful. However, this studio recorded version is also very moving. I recommend this CD highly as representaive of some of her best work.

Description from Customer Review

Audio cassette Also Available

The Journey Continues

By Debbie Friedman
Song List:
  1. B'ruchot Habaot
  2. The Time Is Now
  3. Light These Lights (Oh Hear My Prayer)
  4. The Journey Song
  5. Kadeish Urchatz
  6. Mi Shebeirach
  7. Ha Lachma
  8. Ma Nishtana
  9. Avadim Hayinu
  10. L'chi Lach
  11. Kadish D'rabanan
  12. Miriam's Song
  13. Dayeinu
  14. B'chol Dor Vador
  15. B'tzeit Yisraeil
  16. Ma L'cha Hayam
  17. Shir Hama-Alot
  18. Birkat Hamazon
  19. Eiliyahu Hanavi
  20. Mir'yam Han'viah
  21. Hodu
  22. Min Hameitzar
  23. Hal'luyah-Psalm
  24. L'shana Haba-A

Internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, Debbie Friedman, presents this outstanding extended play recording of 24 beautifully arranged Hebrew and English songs that parallel the The Journey Continues : The Ma'yan Passover Haggadah of the same name. Debbie introduces new original songs, The Time Is Now, B'chol Dor Vador, and Birkat Hamazon, shares her seder appropriate renditions of Miriam's Song, L'chi Lach, Shir Hama-alot, Hodu, Hal'luyah and more, plus sings traditional Pesach songs Ha Lachma, Ma Nishtana, Avadim Hayinu, Ma L'cha Hayam, L'shana Ha-ba-a and others, like you've never heard them before! Perfect for use at home or communal seders as well as for pure enjoyment!

Album Description

Live at Del

By Debbie Friedman
Song List:
  1. I'm Tirtzu
  2. O Sing Praises
  3. Arise My Love
  4. Alef Bet Song
  5. Mi Shebeirach
  6. Oseh Shalom
  7. Holy Place
  8. V'Haeir Eineinu
  9. And Thou Shalt Love
  10. Miriam's Song
  11. The 613 Commandments
  12. Vashti's Song
  13. Happy thanksgiving
  14. The Latke song
  15. The Rainbow Blessing
  16. On Wings Of Eagles
  17. Not By Might
  18. L'Chi Lach
  19. And The Youth Shall See Visions
  20. Shir Hama-Alot
  21. T'filat Haderech

This outstanding extended play concert performance recorded live at the Hotel del Coronado, San Diego on June 3, 1990 has received rave reviews! The recording captures Debbie at her best - performing, teaching and interacting with a dynamic audience. Included in the 63 minute recording are 21 of Debbie's original songs, 8 of which are recorded here for the first time. You will love: O Sing Praises, Alef Bet Song, V'haeir Eineinu, The 613 Commandments, Happy Thanksgiving, The Latke Song, The Rainbow Blessing, On Wings of Eagles, L'chi Lach...and More!

Album Description

World of Your Dreams

By Debbie Friedman
Song List:
  1. Hal'luyah
  2. Ma Tovu
  3. Hail Blessing
  4. Modim
  5. Shelter of Peace (Hashkiveinu)
  6. Promise
  7. Birchot Havdalah
  8. World of Your Dreams (Andy's Bar Mitzvah Song)
  9. Sh'ma Koleinu
  10. Set Me for a Seal
  11. Angels' Blessing

The Complete Jewish Kids Party

By David & The High Spirits
Song List:

Disc: 1
  1. Interaction Songs: Yonatan Hakatan
  2. Interaction Songs: Hashafan
  3. Interaction Songs: Ooga Ooga
  4. Interaction Songs: Twinkle, Twinkle
  5. Interaction Songs: Mary Had A Little Lamb
  6. Interaction Songs: Simi Yadech
  7. Interaction Songs: Ten Little Indians
  8. Interaction Songs: Row, Row Your Boat
  9. Interaction Songs: Ken La Tzipor
  10. Interaction Songs: Itsy, Bitsy Spider
  11. Interaction Songs: Nad Ned
  12. Interaction Songs: Yadayim Lemala
  13. Interaction Songs: ABCD
  14. Interaction Songs: This Old Man
  15. Interaction Songs: Michael, Row The Boat Ashore
  16. Interaction Songs: Ten Etzbaot
  17. Interaction Songs: Hine Ba Ah Harakevet
  18. Interaction Songs: Uncle Moshe (Old McDonald)
  19. Interaction Songs: Apples & Bananas
  20. Interaction Songs: Bingo
  21. Interaction Songs: Ahinu Hanahag
  22. Let's Get Faster!: If You're Happy (Clap Your Hands)
  23. Let's Get Faster!: Maagal
  24. Let's Get Faster!: Shaon
  25. Let's Get Faster!: She'll Be Comin'
  26. Let's Get Faster!: Elohim Sheli
  27. Let's Get Faster!: Oh, Susannah
  28. Let's Get Faster!: Yankle Dovidle
  29. Let's Get Faster!: Do, Re, Mi
  30. Let's Get Faster!: Bein Harim
  31. Let's Get Faster!: John Jacob Jingle
  32. Let's Get Faster!: Shnaim Sinim
  33. Let's Get Faster!: Do Your Ears Hang Low
  34. Let's Get Faster!: Tayish
  35. Carribean Party: Day'O
  36. Carribean Party: Tangalayo
  37. Carribean Party: Limbo Rock
  38. Carribean Party: St. Thomas
  39. Hora (Circle): Hava Nagila
  40. Hora (Circle): David Melech
  41. Hora (Circle): Tzena Tzena
  42. Hora (Circle): Mayim Dance
  43. Hora (Circle): Hevenu Shalom
  44. Birthday Songs: Happy Birthday
  45. Birthday Songs: Yom Huledet
  46. Birthday Songs: Hayom Yom Huledet
  47. Birthday Songs: My Birthday

Disc: 2
  1. Holidays: Shnaim Asar Yerehim
  2. Holidays: Shana Tovah
  3. Holidays: Sisu Vesimhu
  4. Holidays: Sukati Ha Sukah
  5. Holidays: Maaoz Tzur
  6. Holidays: Kad Kattan
  7. Holidays: Yemei Ha Hanukkah
  8. Holidays: Dreydl, Dreydl
  9. Holidays: Sevivon Sov Sov
  10. Holidays: Hanukiah Li Yesh
  11. Holidays: Tubishvat Anthem
  12. Holidays: Hashkedia
  13. Holidays: Shoshanat Yaacov
  14. Holidays: Ani Purim
  15. Holidays: Hag Purim
  16. Holidays: Ma Nishtana
  17. Holidays: Daiyenu
  18. Holidays: Avadim Hayenu
  19. Holidays: Haruah Noshevet
  20. Holidays: Kahol Ve Lavan
  21. Holidays: Sisu Yerushaliam
  22. Holidays: Saleinu Al Ketefenu
  23. Kabalat Shabbat: Bim Bam
  24. Kabalat Shabbat: Hayom Yom Shishi
  25. Kabalat Shabbat: Lecha Dodi
  26. Kabalat Shabbat: Shalom Alechem
  27. Sing-Along: The More We Sing Together
  28. Sing-Along: Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  29. Sing-Along: Abba Sheli
  30. Sing-Along: My Bonnie
  31. Sing-Along: Hine Ma Tov
  32. Sing-Along: Tumbalalaika
  33. Sing-Along: Le Kova Sheli
  34. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Habuba Zehava
  35. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Ima Yekara Li
  36. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Numi Numi
  37. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Shehav Beni
  38. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Kumbaya
  39. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Parpar
  40. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Rakefet
  41. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Layla Layla
  42. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Al Kol Ele
  43. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Hachama Merosh
  44. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Ima Afta Levivot
  45. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Agala Im Susa
  46. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Hayakiton
  47. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Ayiddish Amama
  48. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Yiddish (Oyfenpripichic)
  49. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Yiddish (On The Road)
  50. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Yiddish (Raisins And Almonds)
  51. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Yaldati Merusia
  52. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Boyi Ema
  53. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Daniel
  54. Wind Down, Relax & Sleep: Havdala

The Real Complete Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party

By David & The High Spirits
Song List:
  1. Siman Tov
  2. Mazel Tov
  3. Sheraleh
  4. Bashana Habaah
  5. Hava Nagila
  6. Mayim
  7. Hevenu Shalom
  8. To Life
  9. Yerushalayim
  10. Yismehu Hashamayim
  11. Oseh Shalom
  12. Veha'er Eyneny
  13. Yasis
  14. Rad Halaylah
  15. Elle Hemdat Libi
  16. Yevarehecha
  17. Mashiach
  18. Zemer/Nigun Atik
  19. Mizerlu
  20. Pata Pata
  21. Taayish
  22. Hine Ma Tov
  23. Tumbalalayka
  24. Yiddish a Mama
  25. Shein Levune
  26. Chiri Bim Chiri Bom
  27. Romeynia
  28. Kidush (Blessing Over Wine)
  29. Hamotzie (Blessing Over the Bread)
  30. Grace Over the Meal Song

Lullabies and Love Songs

By Tanja Solnik
Song List:
  1. Tumba
  2. Avre Tu Puerta
  3. La Bendision di Madre
  4. Shlof Mine Kind, Shlof Keseyder
  5. Fishelech Koyfen
  6. Veulai
  7. Durme, Durme Con Sabor
  8. Oy, Dortn, Dortn
  9. Margaritkelech
  10. La Prima Vez
  11. Y'did Nefesh
  12. Papir Iz Doch Vays

Lullabies and Love Songs by Tanja Solnik was chosen by Moment Magazine in August 1999 as one of the Top Ten Family Recordings of the 1990s! It features a dozen traditional folk tunes in Yiddish and Hebrew and Ladino to appeal to parents, grandparents and children. Solnik pours her soul into the songs; Jim Hershman on mandolin and balalaika and Gary Nesteruk on piano and keyboards add immeasurably to the appeal.

Album Description

Listening to Tanja Solnik sing is like being held. Her voice is so extraordinarily lovely, her songs so tender that many listeners will be moved to tears. This is a recording for everyone from babies to grandparents.

Description from Moment Magazine

There are many children's recordings on the market that the little ones like, but, alas, not many that we mommies and daddies can tolerate without wanting to throw something at the CD or tape player. In time to save the stereo equipment comes Tanja Solnik's Lullabies and Love Songs which is a pleasant collection of Hebrew,Yiddish and Ladino tunes that youngsters and parents can enjoy together. Lullabies offers an opportunity for children to learn about the richness of Jewish culture while being entertained. Like Solnik's first collection, "From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies," Lullabies and Love Songs belongs in the music collection of every Jewish family.

Description from Cleveland Jewish News

A Night of Questions

By Shabbat Unplugged
Song List:
  1. Seder Mnemonic: The Order
  2. Kiddish and Sheheheyanu I
  3. Sheheheyanu II
  4. Arise My Darling (Song of Songs 2:10-3)
  5. Four Questions
  6. Avadim Hayinu
  7. Children's Medley: Bang Bang
  8. Oh Listen
  9. Frog Song
  10. Ten Plagues
  11. Miriam's Song
  12. By The Shores
  13. Dayyenu
  14. Venomar Lefanav
  15. Betzeyt Yisrael
  16. Shir Hama'alot
  17. Brih Rahmana
  18. Vehi She'amdah
  19. Ani Ma'amin
  20. Eliyahu Hanavi, Miriam Hanevi'ah
  21. Yevareh et Beyt Yisrael - Min Hametzar
  22. Ki Le'olam Hasdo
  23. Pitchu Li / Odeha
  24. Adir Hu
  25. Ki Lo Na'eh
  26. Ehad Mi Yodea
  27. Had Gadya
  28. Karev Yom
  29. Dodi Li
  30. Leshanah Haba'ah

Songs to Accompany the New Reconstructionist Haggadah. 90 minutes of music to make your family's seders even brighter for years to come. Arranged and performed in the Reconstructionist spirit, this professional recording includes 23 traditional folktunes that Jews have sung at seder tables for centuries and seven original, contemporary songs. Includes page references to the new Haggadah. Delightful to listen to and easy to learn from, this album will take you through the seder and keep you humming along!
Album Description

Songs From The Heart: Family Shabbat

By Carol Boyd Leon
Song List:
  1. Shalom Shabbat Shalom
  2. Lights of Shabbat
  3. Come See The Candles
  4. Hinei Mah Tov
  5. When G-d Made The World
  6. Bar'chu
  7. The Children's Shema
  8. You Shall Love
  9. Mi Chamocha
  10. V'shamru
  11. Shalom Rav
  12. We Give You Thanks
  13. Oseh Shalom
  14. Aleinu
  15. V'ne'emar/Bayom Hahu
  16. The 90-Second Adon Olam
  17. Shalom Aleichem, Peace To Us
  18. Shalom Shabbat Shalom-Havdalah
  19. Y'varechecha

Song From The Heart: Family Shabbat is a collection of 19 original easy-to-sing songs for Shabbat suitable for adults and children to sing at services or at home. Carol sings most of the songs and is backed up by a youth choir as well as guitar, piano, Klezmer clarinet, violin, flute, saxophone, harp, keyboard, and percussion accompaniment. Your family will enjoy and sing along to these songs, some with catchy rhythms and others which are quite beautiful. This is also a wonderful resource for cantors, songleaders, and music teachers who are looking for new melodies to introduce to their congregations and schools.

Album Description

To Life! Songs Of Chanukah and Other Jewish Celebrations
Song List:
  1. Chanukah: Chanukah Joyous Holiday (Chanukah, Chag Yafeh Kol Kach)
  2. Chanukah: Chanukah, Oh Chanukah - Theodore Bikel
  3. Chanukah: The Dreydl Song
  4. Chanukah: Sevivon (Spin Little Dreydl)
  5. Chanukah: Ocho Kandelikas (Eight Candles)
  6. Chanukah: Maoz Tzur/Rock of Ages - Nell Carter
  7. Passover: Dayenu (It Would Have Been Enough)
  8. Passover: Chad Gadya (One Kid)
  9. Purim: Ani Purim (My Name Is Purim)
  10. Purim: Hop Mayne Homentashen
  11. Purim: Chag Purim
  12. Rosh Hashanah: Medley: Apples and Honey/Tapuchim Udvash/L'Shana Tovah (
  13. Rosh Hashanah: Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father Our King)
  14. Simchat Torah: Medley: Torah, Torah/Sisu V'simchu (Rejoice and Be Happy
  15. General Celebration: Tzena, Tzena, Tzena - The Weavers
  16. General Celebration: Hava Nagila - The Barry Sisters
  17. General Celebration: Rabbi Elimeylekh - Mandy Patinkin
  18. General Celebration: Tayre Malke (Dearest Queen) - Alex Schub
  19. General Celebration: Siman Tov, Mazel Tov/Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem (We
  20. General Celebration: Hinei Ma Tov (It Is Good)
  21. General Celebration: Al Shlosha d'Varim (Upon Three Things
  22. General Celebration: In Meina Oigen Bistie Shain - The Barry Sisters
  23. Shabbat (Sabbath): Medley: Bim Bom/Shabbat Shalom (Sabbath Peace/Yism'c
  24. Shabbat (Sabbath): Shalom Aleichem (Peace Be Unto You)
  25. Shabbes Zol Sayn (Let There Be Sabbath)
  26. Sabbath Prayer/To Life! - Theodore Bikel
  27. Eliyahu (Elijah the Prophet)

If you are looking up this album, odds are that you are already familiar with most of the songs contained in this collection. I purchased this album last year as I was feeling nostalgic for the songs I grew up with at Hebrew School. "Rock of Ages" and "Havah Negila" are burned into my psyche, and I wanted a collection that had all of my old favorites.

This collection does not disappoint in any way. There are old favorites, and some new interpretations (such as Nell Carter singing "Rock of Ages") that make the album a fun, enjoyable experience for all. This album is terrific to listen to as you are on the computer, as it provides the perfect background music to soothe your soul and to placate your need for latkes. The collection has all of your Jewish favorites, and the songs are presented in a fresh, clean way that makes it worthwhile listening.

Description from Customer Review

Audio cassette Also Available

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